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Our Team

Our People make the difference, and their hard work and dedication have made us who we are today.  

We are looking for team members that are Honest, Friendly, Dependable, Self Motivated, Team Players, that have a Positive Attitude, and are Drug Free. If your interested in a job and meet these qualities, continue on with our application process.

  Job Descriptions

All employee duties may consist of the following as well as their main job descriptions that are described below:   Picking up trash on the property and county road, assisting others to complete their jobs, assisting in take out or picking up rental items, keeping work areas clean, cleaning office building, cleaning porta potties, cleaning pavilions, sweeping, picking up rocks on beach, packing items to and from work areas, observing for dangers or misconduct of patrons or employees, and other such tasks.


Note: detailed job descriptions are in the policy manual, which will be reviewed in detail and signed in training.

Job TitleSalaryDescription

Cook & Bartender

Plus tips
Fugitive Beach Bar & Grill LLC is seeking enthusiastic and responsible cooks and bartenders to work in our fast paced Beach Bar & Grill. If you love to meet new people and love a fast paced environment, this would be a perfect position for you.
Minimum Age requirement is 21 + years old.
Lifeguard$10-$12/hrMaintains constant surveillance of patrons in the water, on the jumps and water slide; acts immediately and appropriately to secure safety of patrons in the event of emergency; provides emergency care and treatment as required until the arrival of emergency medical service; assist in keeping beach clean, & looking for inappropriate behavior. Must have current certifications! Send certification with application.
Lifeguard Supervisor$13-15/hrTraditional life guard duties and the following: Assist as needed in scheduling life guards, making rotations schedules, making sure LG get proper breaks and lunch breaks, assist LG in their duties, making sure all LG showed up to work and that the needed areas are covered; walk the beach and observe for dangers, inappropriate behavior of patrons, and employees; assist in keeping beach and water free of debris; ensure that LG are following proper procedures and policies.  Must have current certifications!
Admissions$Min-10/hrResponsible for taking money in the form of cash or credit card from patrons, provide change, balance drawer, and process credit card transactions; assists in helping to complete Beach Waiver and checking such for proper completion; observing patrons for misconduct; keeping area clean; working the exit gate and searching patrons as they are entering the property.   This job requires quick thinking, excellent math skills, and be extremely friendly.
Rentals$Min-10/hrResponsible for taking money in the form of cash or credit card from patrons, provide change, balance drawer, and process credit card transactions; rents products, assure life jackets fit properly, pack rental items to patrons locations, assure rental items are returned,  maintain and organize the rental items, clean pavilions and beach, etc.
Searchers$Min-10/hrSearch patron’s personal belongings upon entry for glass items, open drink containers, alcohol, weapons, drugs, and other such items; observe patrons for proper behavior, assist patrons in completing waivers, keep areas stocked and clean, working the exit and re-entry gate, assist in parking cars, assist in keeping beach clean, and other such duties.
Groundskeeper$Min-10/hrPick up trash at the venue and county roads, dump and clean trash cans, maintain the cleanliness of the porta potties, assist rentals in returning rental items, assist in cleaning of rental areas, mowing and weed eating venue, gassing equipment, assist in parking cars as needed, and other such duties.
Maintenance $Min-10/hrDo maintenance to lawn mowers and other lawn equipment, mow, weed eat, minor construction such as put up fencing, daily safety checks; assist in parking cars and trash duties as needed.
Security$15-20/hrMust be certified Law Enforcement Officer in State of Missouri; patrol the property looking for venue policy and law violations; removing such violators, assisting law enforcement and medical personal as needed.
First Responder/EMT$12-18/hrFirst aid staff consists of state and/or nationally certified Basic Emergency Medical Technicians who respond to guest situations and provide medical assistance to staff and guests as needed; reacts to emergency situations and performing necessary related first aid skills; maintains accurate documentation of incidents; becomes familiar with park layout and proper access to all areas of the facility; participates in supply inventory and stocking; communicates and helps guests on a regular basis as well as providing them with exceptional customer service.

Complete application using  Adobe Acrobat Reader and
submit the form to send it to fugitivebeach@gmail.com

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