Birthday Party Packages

Aloha Package

Picnic Table w/ umbrella (no grill) 

Admissions for up to 4 guests

 4 meals-see below 

4 20 oz. drinks

4 Dippin Dots packages 

4 Life Jackets

*1 free entry pass for future use


*$20per extra person  

Ohana Package

Grill Picnic Table w/ umbrella

Admissions for up to 4 guests

4 meals-see below

4 20 oz. drinks

4 Dippin Dots packages

4  Life Jackets

*1 free entry pass for future use


*$20 per extra person

Maui Package

Cabana: seats 6

Admissions for up to 6 guests

6 meals-see below

6 20 oz. drinks

6 Dippin Dots packages

6  Life Jackets

*2 free passes for future use


*$20 per extra person

Pavilion Rental w/Grill (seats 25)

Admissions for up to 10 guests

10 meals-see below

10 20 oz. drinks

10 Dippin Dots packages

10 Life Jackets

*4 free passes for future use


*$20 per extra person

Tahiti Package

Package Information

*Free Beach pass is for next visit to Fugitive Beach

Meals: you can pick your meals.

Cheese burger & fries

Hamburger & fries

Pulled pork sandwich & fries

Hot dog & Fries

Nachos & fries

*One 10" pizza counts/replaces two meals

*You can replace the fries with bag of chips

*Extra person gets 




one Dippin Dot package

One life jacket

Package Information

Additional items may be purchased in the Bar & Grill

For help and questions on Birthday packages fill out the form below.  Thank you. 

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