Bring Your Own

Beach goers are welcome to bring their own food/drink to the beach!  Just remember that no glass, alcohol, grills, or open containers are allowed- in the venue or in the parking lot.  Keep your drinks sealed as when you purchased them- once you’ve entered the admission gates, please enjoy!

Beach Bar & Grill:  open 11am-5:30pm

We are thrilled to offer items like varieties of hamburgers, nachos,  hot dogs,  chicken tenders, french fries, pizza, ice cold fruit flavored slushies, bottled water/soda, and much more!  If you plan on having an alcoholic beverage, please be prepared to show your ID.  We accept cash and credit cards- we are sorry, no America Express.

Beach Concessions:  open 11am-5:30pm

The Fugitive Beach concession stand offers a variety of food, drink, and beach accessories!  Select from bottled soda/water, dippin’ dots, ice cream,  Fugitive Beach     

t-shirts, sunglasses, sunscreen, chapstick, ear protection, water shoes, and towels.  Stop in and visit the concession stand for any important beach items that you might need!!!

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