Recently I spent a great day with my girlfriends and realized that folks coming from many states just might miss some of our hidden gems our area has to offer, so I’ve decided to list a few of my favorite things I like to do with my family and friends. I hope you have the chance to enjoy some of my favorite places.  

I Love To Eat.  Shocker, I know! Let’s get started!

Master Donuts of Rolla, 206 Bishop Ave– Oh my goodness I need to get a job here..well, maybe not.  These are the friendliest people that make buying donuts totally guilt free!

Giddy Goat Coffee, 704 N Bishop Ave– So what if I am here every day and say the wrong title to their drinks every day.  Honestly, I like that they don’t know my name, don’t realize I’m there every morning, don’t know my drink order,  they could care less- they just want to make good coffee and be pleasant about it.  That simple.  Your in, your out- your fix is on with a smile and it wasn’t a mortgage price either.

Los Arcos, 1212 Mo Hwy 72 Rolla– I could eat this every night.  Every. Night.  If your starving when you leave the beach, this is the closest place, and they do have outside seating.  They are closed on Sunday:( 

Alex’s Pizza, 122 W. 8th Rolla– Downtown, park your car, I’ve got several places to walk to from here- for a pint or dessert.  If you know your pizza, this is your place. But they go beyond pizza, so go in and explore that menu!

NaCl+H2O aka Saltwater, 817 N. Pine Rolla– Downtown.  I love seafood!  I was raised on seafood.  I think people who don’t enjoy oysters are just…odd.  I made my husband less odd.  So here is where I get my seafood fix.  I love u Scallops..I mean Saltwater.  Try that Lemon Drop drink they got going on too…ooooo!

Hoppers Pub 723 N. Pine Rolla– Downtown too, so really, park and explore. This is a fun place with nightly activities Wed-Saturday.  Great atmosphere, delicious  pub style food and 66 beers on tap.  Can’t go wrong with that!  

Soda & Scoops 819 N. Pine Rolla– Downtown.  OMG OMG OMGosh!  You will love me, call me your best friend, name your children after me, and want me to be your brides maid.  Seriously.  The sundaes are double filled with goodness and piled high with the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever ever had, and only $4.50!  You’ll see 🙂 Do not miss this! Wait in that line- it’s totally worth it. … D’ettra….D et tra (your child will hate you for the rest of her life btw with that name) 

Public House Brewing Company, 600 N. Rolla, Rolla– Downtown.  Looking for a local brew pub?  You’ve found one here!  I just love the laid back ambiance and the occasional weekend entertainment.  I always get the flight so I taste what they’ve been up to lately, and of course a Roast Beef sandwich!  Next to St.James Winery, in St. James of course, is another Public House Brew Pub where you can enjoy out door seating and an expanded menu.  If you have the time, I truly recommend going there too to enjoy wine and a pint!

Fun Activities

Fugitive Beach, Rolla– of course I’m putting the beach on here silly!  I honestly love this place, no matter what I want to do:  people watch, play some volley ball, go back to your youth with some dodge ball-it’s hysterically fun, play tether ball, corn hole, archery tag, giant jenga, giant connect four (who are these giants?), swim out to the water obstacle-think that I’ll finally conquer that darn Nautilus obstacle, do some cliff jumping, float and relax, eat (unfortunately I enjoy our pulled pork way too much), or just visit with folks.  The beach has it all, and I just love that and I’m very thankful we have it here. 

Great XScape, 939 Parkwood Dr, Rolla– Behind JC Pennys.  Ok, I’ll be honest, this one comes from my super smart daughter in law. She zipped right through with her office gals, but apparently some things caught on camera were ‘what the heck are they doing?’ moments.  Great XScape is new to Rolla and I’m dying to get over there!  

Kokomo Joe’s Family Fun Center, 10450 State Route V, Rolla-573-341-5656. Miniature golf, go karts, batting cages, and golf driving range your thing?  Yeah me too!  This place is fun fun fun!

The Zone, 555 Blues Lake Pkwy, Rolla– Rollerskating, arcade games, and my personal favorite…lazer tag!  Somehow I always get the little sneaky kid that shoots and shoots and shoots me….youth.

St. James- Wineries , Brew Pubs, & Restaurants

I love to show off the wineries we have in our area, which are in St. James.  While your in St. James, I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite eating spots too!

St. James Winery, 540 State Rt B, St. James– I’ve known this family for a long time and it has been so fun to watch this winery just grow and grow.  But more over, their love for what they do is truly showing.  Their staff is so knowledgeable and makes the tastings so fun.  Right next (same parking lot) to the winery is Public House Brew Pub, so you can take your bottle of wine over to their courtyard and enjoy it with some of their fantastic menu items and perhaps courtyard entertainment.  It’s a nice, laid back, peaceful area to enjoy family and friends.  

Meramec Vineyards Winery, 600 State Rt B, St. James– just down the street from St. James Winery, this winery offers tastings of beers, sangria, and wines.   They also have an awesome menu, but my fav is the Aloha burger..I wonder why? 

 Just A Taste, 200 N. Jefferson, St. James– On the website it says “Made from scratch, created by Executive Chef Alex, for the hungry and adventurous.’  I love that.  And I visit this place every chance I get.  I actually want to be angry when they aren’t open, ha ha.  You haven’t had a rib eye until you’ve had one from here.  Correction, you haven’t lived a full life until you’ve eaten a rib eye from here.  And what have you done to the asparagus to make me so addicted, Alex?  I’m calling your mother.   

Sybill’s Saint James, 1100 N. Jefferson, St. James– Sometimes I like to dress up a notch from my shorts & tank tops, and this is where I go.  and then I dump my bloody mary all over the table (true story).  I love everything.  If I had to pick my favorite I’d say  look at the menu and just say “yes”.  Can’t go wrong with that!  Visit the gift shop next store too!

Where to Stay

I always get asked where to stay.  Well, I live here, so I stay in my house, lol!  If I could invite ya’ll in I would….but I got some great friends who do AirBnB so I’ve compiled a list of their listings.  I’ve had a few hotels invite me over to check out their rooms, so I’ve listed the hotels that I’ve personally seen and liked.  I’m still waiting on that paid endorsement….maybe just a free towel? body wash?

Tiny Paradise on the Quarry– 1 BR, 1 BA. Watch HGTV Tiny House?  Well then you could have seen this episode.  I have to say, it was one of the funniest episodes, that’s for sure!  Mike & Kate own the other quarry here in Rolla and they have lovingly maintained the beauty of the landscape. I absolutely love and respect what they have done, you will too.   You better hurry, this goes very quickly.  Aprox. 8 miles from the beach. Tiny Paradise on the Quarry

Tiny Oasis on the Quarry– 4 guests, 2 BR, 1 BA.  Mike & Kate have added a new addition to their AirBnB!  This one looks super cute just like their Tiny Paradise at the same quarry. Unlike our quarry, their quarry has fish- some big ones too!- they also have kayaks, paddle boats, and a nice deck to relax.  Their quarry is much deeper than ours so the water can be much colder, which is awesome in the summer! This aprox. 8 miles from the beach. Tiny Oasis on the Quarry

The Holmes House- 8 guests, 3 BR, 2 BA.  You ever have that one friend that just is always smiling and out of breath because she makes her life is so whimsical? That’s Michele.  She has poured her beautiful view on life into this historical home and it shows.  If you enjoy an evening stroll, this is a perfect place to do it- your right by the track but you are also located by a historical subdivision with plenty of sidewalks.  Heck, from here you can walk to downtown (but wear tennis shoes, it aprx a mile or more)!  Your just 7 miles from the beach! Holmes House

Green Acres Historical Farmhouse – 6 guests, 2 BR, 1 BA.  My whimsical Michele just keeps on going- but I highly encourage you to slow down to her ways.  This farmhouse could give you a step in that direction.  Put your feet up, take a deep breath, and just be. Your less than 4 miles from the beach!  This link will also give you information on her Family RV Campground located within minutes of the beach  Green Acres Farmhouse

Comfort Suites, Rolla- 573-368-4300.  Free breakfast, indoor pool, and fitness room.  Aprox 8 miles from the beach

Hampton Inn, Rolla– 573-308-1060.  Free breakfast, outdoor pool, free Wifi. Aprox 9 miles from the beach

Holiday In Express, Rolla– 573-426-2900. Free breakfast, indoor pool, and fitness center. Aprox 8 miles from the beach


Traveling with your pet?  Unfortunately we cannot have pets at the beach, but we do have a new dog park located at Bueller Park (across from the Chamber of Commerce), as well as miles and miles of trails and sidewalks in our town.  But, if you need an over night stay for your furry family member, contact Shadowood Pet Resort 573-368-4866 or Pooches Palace 573-364-3647.  Make sure to call ahead to have the appropriate documents or reservation.

I certainly hope this helps you with visiting our area.    The Rolla Chamber of Commerce has a additional information of other businesses, shopping, and events happening in our area.    We are so happy your coming to our community, we hope you fully enjoy your time here and can take a piece of our laid back style home with ya.  As my husband likes to say, Aloha!

Safe travels and say hello when you get here, D’ettra

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